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You're Fucked ( Full Version )
Added on: 01/14/2023 Models: Maat, Lilli Length: 57 minutes Size: 2.81 GB Format: M4V

Main Category:     DOUBLE DOMINATION


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After Ale is brainwashed again by the power of the sock in the “ You Don't Look Convinced ( Full Version ) ” video, Lilli enters the scene and finds her friend Maat who has just made Ale cum sealing his allegiance to her.
Maat had betrayed Lilli by turning the spell against the same enchantress (Lilli) but some time has passed since that time and although the effect of the enchanted sock is still present in her, now Lilli has regained sufficient consciousness to take the sock and turn it against Maat.
The effect obtained is that all three are strongly aroused and while they continue to humiliate Ale, the two girls also flirt with each other and worship each other's feet thus replicating the whole process of the spell.

Lilli starts making Ale smell her feet, veiled by her stockings, while Maat stimulates him between his legs with her bare feet to keep alive Ale's excitement which is needed to keep the spell active.
The spell also acts on the two girls who, in addition to kissing and touching each other, begin to sniff each other's feet while Ale rubs himself like a bitch in heat on the girls' legs, continuing to smell too.

Excited by the spell and the scent of feet, the girls continue to smell each other's feet and move on to the second step of the spell; Lilli takes off her hold-ups and starts making Ale smell her bare feet. Maat is also very excited by her friend and starts sniffing her feet as they continue to mock Ale.
Involved by the situation and knowing that Ale must fix in his brain that he's their property and their slave, they encourage him to masturbate while he continues to smell feet.

More and more horny, the girls have reached the final part of the spell and now Ale MUST cum while licking their feet.
Lilli and Maat kiss and touch each other. Maat touches Lilli between her legs while Ale licks the enchantress' feet.
Ale rubs like a beast on Lilli's legs while Maat, also excited by the spell, licks her feet.
In the end, the girls lay down on the bed showing Ale the soles of their feet and while whispering humiliating words in his ear, they incite him to masturbate and cum for them.

IN THIS VIDEO: FemDom, Mind Fucking, Etero Foot Domination, Lesbian Foot Fetish, Stockings Smelling, Barefoot Smelling, Foot Worship, Lesbian French Kissing, Female Masturbation, Male Masturbation, Derision, Mockery, The Pose, Sensual.

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