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You'll Do What I Want ( Only Smell Scene )
Added on: 11/21/2022 Models: Lilli Bayle, Maat Length: 53 minutes Size: 2.81 GB Format: M4V

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Continuation of the saga of the enchanted sock.
In this third episode, after Maat used the magic sock against his own creator Lilli (in the previous episode), the two friends are at Maat's house and are waiting for Alessandro.
Fucked by her own spell and now in love with Maat, Lilli has agreed to share the acquired wealth (through the sock) with her friend and they wait for Alessandro to upgrade the spell so that, in addition to being bewitched and addicted to feet of Lilli, be it also from the feet of Maat and become a slave licking feet, giving them his earnings, of both.
Ale enters the house and is made to sit on the sofa between the two girls. Lilli says that Maat will be a new model for “OUR” videos but Ale asks suspiciously: “ours? In what sense... ours? "
Lilli takes out the sock and moves it in front of Ale's face and immediately the spell is activated; dazed by the spell, Ale begins to stammer: "yes... ooooouuuur viiiiideeeeoooos...". The girls laugh and Lilli puts Maat's feet (still in the cotton socks) under Ale's nose to activate the transfer from the enchanted sock to the smell of Maat's feet.

Ale's possessed by the spell and sniffs Maat's feet/socks as the first phase requires.
The spell requires the subject to be aroused during the spell and, so, Maat and Lilli caress Ale between his legs with their feet mocking him for his excitement.
To increase the excitement, the girls kiss each other while Ale rubs like a bitch on the feet and legs of one while sniffing the stockings or of the other because, in order not to untie the spell from her, Lilli also lets Ale sniff her feet (in the stockings).

As Lilli taught her, Maat knows that the second phase is for the subject to smell the foot directly from the skin and so, the two girls get rid of their socks and start making Ale smell their bare feet.
To continue to have Lilli as his accomplice and be able to share Ale's wealth with her, Maat keeps alive the spell she made her by keeping her excited by touching and kissing her and, of course, making her smell her foot from time to time.
Ale's mind is so screwed up by the spell that he's convinced that he's having sex with the two girls; amused by this thing, the two friends indulge him and while Ale rubs his cock like a eager whore on their feet and sniffs them, the girls laugh at him saying: "of course: you're fucking with us and this is the best fuck of your life hahaha! "

IN THIS SCENE: Double Domination, Mind Fucking, Socks And Stockings Smelling, Footjob, Lesbian French Kisses, Rubbing, Barefoot Smelling, Mockery, Humiliation.

You'll Do What I Want ( Full Version )
You'll Do What I Want ( Only Barefoot Scene )

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