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You Don't Look Convinced ( Full Version )
Added on: 11/03/2022 Models: Maat Length: 32 minutes Size: 1.57 GB Format: M4V

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After Maat managed to add herself to the sock spell, Alessandro has now also become her slave and willing to give her his earnings and work for her for free.
Maat invited Ale to her house, in her Dungeon, to make her some videos for free but Ale asked her to be paid for her job as a videomaker. "Paid? Do I have to pay it? Something went wrong with the spell... now I make him come here and make him "taste" some of what I can "give him"... I make him aroused, I cum on him and so he''ll do whatever I want ".
Ale arrives and finds Maat on the bed, dressed in a sensual way, and when Ale approaches... she puts the enchanted sock in front of his face. Immediately the spell is activated and Alessandro becomes condescending.

Maat slaps her bare feet in Ale's face and starts masturbating with a dildo; Ale's arousal immediately rises and Maat, who doesn't want to waste time, orders him to get his cock out and start masturbating.
“Yes, Bravo... jerk you off. You're the whore of my feet... you're my slut... how much it makes me enjoy seeing you like this... "; seeing such a beautiful woman masturbating (and moaning) and the spell that acts through the smell of Maat's feet between her nostrils, creates a strong addiction to Ale and he cannot avoid undergoing this perverse and exciting game .

It's not over: it's time to close the circle of the spell.
Maat orders Ale to get doggy style and start sucking her big toe and licking her feet. She continues to masturbate with the dildo because she wants to have an orgasm and "cum" in the face of Ale to mark him like the beasts.
Maat has a powerful orgasm and now it's up to Ale to close the spell cycle; while she continues to mock and humiliate him, he continues to lick her feet. Ale masturbates until he has a strong orgasm rich in cum while Maat laughs satisfied with her power.

IN THIS VIDEO: FemDom, Foot Smelling, Female Masturbation, Dildo Fuck, Male Masturbation, Foot Worship, Female Orgasm, Cumshot, Humiliation, Mind Fucking, Moans.

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