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You Are Mine Too ! ( Full Version )
Added on: 11/10/2021 Models: Helena Grace Length: 31 minutes Size: 1.16 GB Format: M4V

Main Category:     FEMDOM


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At the end of “Crime Fetish Fantasies” shooting, Gabriel relaxes on the sofa; Helena enters the scene asking Gabriel if he is satisfied of her and how she has worked.
Gabriel, pretending disinterest, says "you can improve". Helena noticed how he looked at her during filming and realized that he likes her. She wants the satisfaction of having the producer at her feet.

Helena sits down and starts touching Gabriel with her feet, between the legs. She seductively tells him she knows how much he desires her and he can't resist her. "You are my bitch ... I know ... smell my feet ..."; her voice and the caresses between his legs with her beautiful feet seduce Gabriel who, excited, begins to smell Helena's bare feet.
Exalted by her power, Helena scratches Gabriel on his chest as a sign of possession and domination, alternating seductive attitudes to the desire to see him yearn for her feet.

In the final act of supreme domination, Helena wants Gabriel to have an orgasm as he licks her feet. Excited by the seductive and dominant doings of his new model, aroused by her beautiful feet that stimulated him for a long time, with the body marked by the nails of his new Mistress, Gabriel excitedly licks Helena's feet, masturbates himself and finally cums on him amid the laughter of her who calls him a bitch and tells him that: "you too, now, are mine …"

IN THIS VIDEO: Femdom Teen, Sweaty Feet, Foot Smelling, Barefoot, Foot Worship, Scratches, Coerced Ejaculation, Cumshot, Sensual Mockery, Submission.