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Wicked Lovers ( Full Version )
Added on: 12/14/2022 Models: Daphne, Camelia Length: 44 minutes Size: 1.88 GB Format: M4V

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Daphne and Camelia are engaged and cohabiting. Both are female foot fetishists but they only play with each other without ever having had experience with other people, even though they know of the existence of slaves, fetishists, etc...
Alessandro and Daphne are co-worker and Ale has taken a big infatuation on her. In the office Ale is superior to Daphne and to give himself a tone, despite being in love with her, he doesn't always treat her well.

We are in Daphne and Camelia's bedroom. It's their anniversary.
Camelia is under the covers and Daphne enters the room, dressed in a sexy way. “Surprised you for our anniversary, love…” Daphne says.
Camelia laughs and, freeing herself from the covers, reveals that also she is dressed sexy to surprise her girlfriend.

The two girls begin to flirt with each other; excited by the scent of each other's sweaty stockings, they start sniffing their feet, mocking all those who would like to be there, in their place, to enjoy that inebriating perfume without ever being able to have it.

It's time to unwrap the gift: "But what if these socks were taken off?" Camelia asks Daphne sensually. She couldn't wait for anything else and slips off her stockings from her girlfriend starting to smell her bare feet.
Smelling the foot scent, the bare and warm skin of her girlfriend's sole and Daphne's breath on her feet, also Camelia wants to be able to enjoy that aroma and so she takes off her partner's socks starting to sniff eagerly.
Excited by the situation, their sadistic spirit is stimulated: “... what if tonight I invited that loser Alessandro? He'll think he's finally coming here to fuck me, but instead...

“Please tell me you'll be mine for life,” Daphne whispers.
"If you lick my feet like this... I promise!" Camelia replies and excited by the thought of seeing her beloved humiliate Alessandro, she allows Daphne to lick her feet with all the passion she is capable of but she also desires it and, after a few minutes, the roles are reversed.
The afternoon ends with a promise: tonight I'll invite Alessandro here and we'll make him pay for the way he treats you in the office.
IN THIS VIDEO: Lesbian Foot Fetish, Stockings Smelling, Barefoot Smelling, Foot Worship, Mockery of Man, Lesbian Femdom, Lesbian Lovers.