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Which Collaboration ( Only Smell Scene )
Added on: 05/26/2023 Models: Shade Length: 48 minutes Size: 2.46 GB Format: M4V



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Shade is a new model. Before filming, Gabriel and Shade make an introduction in Shade’s garden.
But Gabriel doesn't know that Shade has studied Gabriel's videos and knows his weaknesses and so, when Gabriel says that with the new model he will make many collaborations, Shade responds: "Collaborations? I’m gonna fuck you so much that you’re gonna beg me and you’re gonna have to pay for more," and so on, kiss Gabriel with a lot of tongue and then take off shoes and let Gabriel smells her pink socks and then her bare feet.
Playing with one foot between Gabriel’s legs, Shade imposes to lick the other one and so, between French kisses and feet, a few minutes pass before Gabriel regains control of the situation and can finish the introduction of this day together.

Finally the shooting start; Shade and Gabriel are in the living room and before Gabriel can finish greeting the fans, Shade points out that there will be no collaborations and that Gabriel will have to pay and beg for "more".

Shade pounces on Gabriel and starts licking his neck, kissing him and touching him between his legs. Now that Gabriel is excited, Shade takes off boots and slams her feet on Gabriel’s face ( still veiled in the sweaty socks of the hot June day ) telling him: "I fuck you with my smell... you will be mine and you will do everything I want". To keep him constantly aroused, Shade alternates her feet with French kisses, masturbating him with her hands and feet.

Gabriel t-shirt is wet and ( he ) has serious difficulties to say no to the overwhelming and sensual ways of making of her new and bitch model , after the "work" of Shade between his legs. Excited by the power she sees on the "poor art director", Shade takes off her socks to slam her bare feet on Gabriel’s face. The seduction continues and to keep the producer under her feet both physically and mentally, Shade continues to masturbate Gabriel with hands and feet and kiss him with lots of tongue.
To mock him, she asks if he would rather fuck and, of course, Gabriel says yes; so Shade gets on top of him and while she kisses him, she rubs on him as if they were really fucking but... it’s just a way to mock and excite him because, after only a minute, she tells him that he’s getting used to it too well and returns to coerce him to sniff her feet.

IN THIS SCENE: Outdoor Feet, Seduction, French Kiss, Socks Smelling, Handjob, Foot Job, Barefoot Smelling, Rubbing, Cowgirl Feet, Humiliation, Mockery.

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