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We Won't Tell It to Anyone ( Full Version )
Added on: 04/02/2021 Models: Janelle Length: 45 minutes Size: 1.98 GB Format: MP4

Main Category:     FEMDOM


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After the events in the video “ Janelle's Friend ( Full Version ) ” Ale comes back to home and finds his maid Janelle who licks the feet of her friend Scarlet.
Ale doesn't know who Scarlet is but he certainly can't allow the maid does "certain things" in his house and on his and his wife's bed: he first sends Scarlet away and then threatens Janelle to tell everything to Lilian.
Janelle was already punished by Lilian in the video “ Discipline the Maid ( Full Version ) ” and this time she decides to be smart: she proposes to Ale that, if he doesn't say anything, she will make him enjoy by kissing and jerking him.
Ale doesn't seem to agree very much but his wife's methods to make him enjoy (as in the video “ Educating My Husband ” ) don't satisfy him sexually and so ... he accepts Janelle's proposal.
Janelle starts kissing him sensually with the tongue and massaging him between her legs.
Kisses and whispers and "that thing" on the neck with the tongue that she knows, drives Ale crazy; ... and in the meantime, he undoes his pants and starts masturbating him.
When Ale is very excited and he is about to come, like a real bitch, Janelle tells him to "finish" with his hand. Ale is too excited to argue, so he cums on himself as usual, like the real loser he is.
After he has come on him getting his whole shirt dirty, amid Janelle's laughter, Alessandro is determined to demonstrate his dissent; Janelle has not respected their agreement but ... Janelle points out that Ale betrayed his wife Lilian and if he doesn't want she tells to the mistress what happened, he will have to be the one who "pay".
Guess what kind of payment this is? Janelle puts her big ebony feet over Ale's face to smell them deeply.
To conclude the blackmail, since Ale is already the feet licker of his wife, Janelle wants him to lick hers too and so, as happened in the video “ Submissive From the Maid ( Full Version ) ”, Ale is forced to lick the feet of his maid with full tongue.

IN THIS VIDEO: French Kiss, Hand Job, Forced Ejaculation, Blackmail, Foot Smelling, Foot Worship, Ebony Goddess, FemDom.

We Won't Tell It to Anyone ( First Scene )
We Won't Tell It to Anyone ( Third Scene )