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Unmasked, Third Episode ( Third Scene )
Added on: 06/15/2023 Models: Scarlet Length: 24 minutes Size: 884 MB Format: M4V

Main Category:     FOOT WORSHIP


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After being punished by Scarlet in the “ Unmasked, Second Episode ( Full Version ) ” video, Maya had punished Gabriel in the video “ Unmasked, First Episode ( Full Version ) ” for his incompetence which led Scarlet to find out that Maya and Gabriel had rigged the balance sheet of her prodom business.
Aware that he has been discovered, Gabriel enters Scarlet's office to apologize.
Obviously for Scarlet an apology is not enough!

Afraid of being fired, Gabriel drops to his knees begging Scarlet for forgiveness.
IN THIS SCENE: now that Gabriel is excited and still under blackmail to be fired, Scarlet orders him to start cleaning her feet "...with his tongue!" after a day of work counting the takings of his business.
Gabriel can't tell her no and starts licking Scarlet's feet, wiping them off the sweat. To humiliate him more, she tells him to blow her toe by calling him a slut.
...and now, it's time to cum; Scarlet makes Gabriel lie down on the floor again and while she wipes her foot on his tongue as if he were a doormat, she strokes his cock with the other.
When Gabriel's penis is hard and wet, she commands him to start jerking off to cum in his underwear like the loser he is, while licking her feet.
Between Scarlet's laughter, Gabriel's sperm seeps through his shirt and as she laughs, she tells him: "this is just the aperitif... tonight you'll come to my house and we'll make things right".

In This Scene: Office Theme, Foot Worship, FootJob, Encouraged Ejaculation, Humiliation, Punishment.

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