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Unmasked Third Episode ( Second Scene )
Added on: 05/16/2023 Models: Scarlet Length: 23 minutes Size: 825 MB Format: M4V

Main Category:     FOOT SMELLING


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After being punished by Scarlet in the “ Unmasked, Second Episode ( Full Version ) ” video, Maya had punished Gabriel in the video “ Unmasked, First Episode ( Full Version ) ” for his incompetence which led Scarlet to find out that Maya and Gabriel had rigged the balance sheet of her prodom business.
Aware that he has been discovered, Gabriel enters Scarlet's office to apologize.
Obviously for Scarlet an apology is not enough!

Afraid of being fired, Gabriel drops to his knees begging Scarlet for forgiveness.
IN THIS SCENE: Gabriel fears he knows what awaits him; for years he was Scarlet's manager and knows how she treats men. Continuing to foot his cock to turn him on, Scarlet slips off her stockings and starts fucking Gabriel's face with her bare foot. Aroused by the work of her foot between his legs, Gabriel gasps as he inevitably breathes in the scent of Scarlet's hot, sweaty bare foot.
To be more comfortable, Scarlet makes Gabriel lie on the floor like this, while placing one foot on his face, with the other she continues to masturbate his cock until... a stain appears on Gabriel's shirt; the re-education is taking effect.

In This Scene: Office Theme, Barefoot Smell, FootJob, Humiliation, Punishment.

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