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Unmasked, Second Episode( Only Smell Scene )
Added on: 08/16/2022 Models: Maya Length: 50 minutes Size: 2 GB Format: M4V

Main Category:     FOOT SMELLING


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After Scarlet found out and punished Maya, Gabriel goes to the home of his accomplice (and lover), unaware of what happened in the video " Unmasked, First Episode ( Full Version ) ".
Gabriel had guaranteed that his system was perfect and Scarlet would never have noticed anything, so the two accomplices would have enriched themselves behind the mistress.

Gabriel enters Maya's house, bold, convinced that he is celebrating with his accomplice for the "booty" of the last few months.
Gabriel approaches in a sensual way but Maya grabs his balls saying: “you would like to celebrate and ... maybe fuck me ... but your fucking idea didn't work and I paid the consequences! The mistress took the money from the last few months and I hide the previous ones. Now, if you want to give back the money to the mistress, so as not to be fired, you will have to get punished by me and apologize!"

Thus, Maya begins to punish and demand an apology from her lover, in the same way Scarlet had demanded from her: initially she makes him to smell her feet through the sweaty stockings, while she stimulates him with a foot between his legs and subsequently, obliging him to rub her leg like a bitch in heat.

Second step, like Scarlet with her, Maya takes off her stockings and urges Gabriel to smell her bare feet. Maya's feet are hot and sweaty and Gabriel tries to rebel, but Maya continues touching him between his legs and rubbing him like a whore in heat.

IN THIS SCENE: FemDom, Punishment, Sweaty Stockings, Stockings Smelling, Rubbing, Sweaty Barefoot, Barefoot Smelling, Humiliation.

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