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Unmasked Fourth Episode ( Only Barefoot Scene )
Added on: 03/24/2023 Models: Scarlet Length: 39 minutes Size: 2 GB Format: M4V

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Brief summary of previous episodes:
Maya and Gabriel are engaged and work for the famous Mistress Scarlet of Milan; they altered the balance sheets of Scarlet's business to steal from their employer but, Scarlet, discovered the deception.
In the First Episode, Scarlet checks the accounts in front of Maya and realizes that she has been scammed. She punishes and humiliates Maya by choking her until she confesses and to grant her pawn, she encourages her to smell and lick her feet.
Angry at her boyfriend for his inability to amend the score, in the Second Episode, Maya punishes Gabriel by giving him the same Scarlet’s foot treatment Scarlet.
In the Third Episode, Gabriel goes to Scarlet's office asking her forgiveness for not being fired. Scarlet, as the true Mistress she is, in order not to be fired, imposes Gabriel to apologize while he sniffs and kisses her feet, demonstrating his belonging to her (no longer only as a manager/employee but also as a slave) and to humiliate himself by showing him that he is able to have an orgasm worshiping her feet.
After cumming in his underwear while licking Scarlet's feet, she tells him that's not all and that he will have the final treatment of his re-education that same evening.

We are at Scarlet's house and are ready for Gabriel's re-education.
To punish Gabriel for what he did, Scarlet wants him to become dependent on her, not only for work but also sexually, so she wants to give him a Mind Fucking readucation where he will tie his orgasms to her and her feet.

IN THIS SCENE: it's time for Gabriel to get elated with the smell of Scarlet's feet through her warm skin; Scarlet takes off her stockings and places her "scented" soles on his face while, with skillful mastery, she continues to masturbate him with her hands.
It is important that Gabriel's sexuality is linked "skin to skin" and after making him smell her bare feet, she begins to masturbate with them for another dose of Foot Job.

“...and now kiss them passionately... lick them, clean them! Lick and cum, lick and cum!” Scarlet goads Gabriel into the final act of licking her feet as she continues to masturbate him with her hands.
"You have to make love with my feet... only then you can have an orgasm and from now on you will be totally mine!" and so it's inevitable: while Scarlet masturbates him, Gabriel licks her feet until he has an orgasm between her laughter and satisfaction.
At least, by doing so, he didn't get fired.

In This Scene: Barefoot Smelling+HanJob, BareFoot Job, Foot Worship+HandJob, CumShot, Humiliation, Blackmail, Female Supremacy, Manageress.

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