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Unmasked, First Episode ( Only Barefoot Scene )
Added on: 03/25/2022 Models: Scarlet, Maya Length: 25 minutes Size: 942 MB Format: MP4

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Maya and Gabriel are employees of Lady Scarlet (a famous Mistress from Milan). They feel underpaid and managing Scarlet's business, they have found a way to put extra money in their pockets without her noticing.
Unfortunately, Scarlet notices this.

Scarlet is on the throne in her dungeon. Maya is standing, waiting for the Lady approve her report for the last few months.
“Something is wrong here… there is a lack of money. Do you and Gabriel think you can fool me? To steal ... TO ME! "
Maya tries to justify herself but Scarlet gets up and closes her mouth, because she doesn't want to hear all the bullshit she says.

IN THI SCENE: "You don't think we're done, do you?" Scarlet takes off her stockings and pushes her bare feet over Maya's face. “You have to smell! Let my perfume enter in your head and until I decide it, you will no longer be my assistant but only my slave and ... a good slave smells the feet of the mistress. SMELL! ".

Maya breathes the odour of Scarlet's bare feet and moans for the humiliation while Scarlet obviously laughs at how pathetic Maya is.

All in all, Maya was good; she admitted she stole and was punished, but one thing is missing: Scarlet wants extreme humiliation.

“Now you are going to lick my feet… with your tongue sticking out. You must repent of what you have done and humble yourself to me, your mistress ”.
In order not to be fired, moaning for the humiliation and disgust, Maya begins licking Scarlet's feet, wetting and washing them with her saliva.
“Don't worry: tomorrow will be your accomplice's turn”.

In This Scene: Lesbian Domination, Sweaty Feet, Barefoot Smelling, Foot Worship, Punishment, Humiliation, Secretary, Lesbian Foot Domination.

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Unmasked, First Episode ( Only Foot Domination Scene )
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