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Turned On By Power ( Full Version )
Added on: 06/08/2023 Models: Maat Length: 128 minutes Size: 4.41 GB Format: M4V

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Maat is a wealthy and successful businesswoman. A woman who, thanks to her determination, intelligence and the heritage of her dynasty has always managed to achieve her professional goals; even on a personal level she has always achieved everything she wanted.
The success she has had so easily has made her bored, perverted and sadistic and is always looking for new stimuli and challenges.
His latest project to counter boredom is to create a harem of sex slaves to humiliate within one of her companies.
By offering very high salaries and many corporate benefits, she aims to make her new employees accept any perverse desire and kind of "extra work" in order to be hired by her company.
To be hired by the company, Alessandro is coming to interview today; he is a man who has many debts and people to support.

Before Alexander's arrival, Maat is in her office and while she's telling you what she has in mind to do, she gets excited and starts touching herself.
She takes off her dress and remains bare-breasted; the idea of what he will do excites her so much that, touching herself, she has an orgasm.

Alessandro arrives and the conversation begins; Maat lists all the bonuses, benefits, and high salary Alex will get if he's hired; Alex is pleasantly surprised by all this "generosity" but, when he is about to accept...

...as he is about to accept the job offer, Maat puts her feet on the desk and starts saying that, if Alex wants to be hired, he will have to be willing to do some "extra work" for her including... licking her shoes .
Alex tries to oppose and reason with Maat by pointing out that "these things" cannot be done but she, very subtly, reminds him of the wonderful job offer and that he needs it and, placing a foot on his chest and another between her legs, she urges him to kiss her shoes.
In order not to lose this job opportunity, Alex starts licking the soles of Maat's décolleté and blowing her heel while she mocks him by calling him “whore”.

Excited by the fact that Alexander is letting himself be humiliated, Maat continues her wicked game; she takes off her shoes and decides that Alex should smell her feet.
Still veiled by nylon socks, Maat imposes her feet on Alex's face: "all my whores must smell me".
With each deep breath of Alex, a moan of Maat follows that while Alessandro smells, she continues to touch between her legs.

Beginning to get wet, Maat takes off her socks; now, she longs to feel her hypothetical new employee's warm breath directly on her bare feet.
Alessandro needs that work and, reluctantly, he also smells Matt's bare feet while she continues to masturbate, moaning with pleasure.
Flushed with excitement, Maat takes off her dress to bare tops as she masturbates and Alex sniffs.

“You really are a whore! To be hired by me, you'd be willing to do anything; now… stick out your tongue!” Maat runs the sole of her foot over Alex's tongue as if he were a doormat but... that's not enough; She wants him to lick "happy" to clean her feet and while doing so, she wants him to have an orgasm and so, she makes him masturbate.
While he licks and masturbates, Maat moans and masturbates herself too until, between moans of humiliation from him and her excitement, Alessandro cums in his underwear.

After having cum licking Maat's feet, Alessandro has a burst of dignity; tries to tie up his pants and leave because "this is just too much".
Maat grabs him and slams him to the ground; “You do what I say! We're not done; we've just started and now that you've tried to rebel you've also pissed me off” and so saying she starts to squeeze Alessandro's neck between her legs, suffocating him.
Laughing at him and reveling in the power she has, Maat smothers Alex with his legs as he moans in pleasure.

This whole situation really turned her on and Maat wants to have another orgasm.
She sits on Alessandro's face, suffocating him, rubbing and giving herself pleasure.
Continuing to make Alex suffer, with her ass on his face choking the air, Maat moans and has a powerful orgasm. "You are all my whores!"

Satisfied by the two orgasms she had, Maat wants to further humiliate Alessandro by decreeing her total power and control over him.
The choking game, the way Alex let herself be choked to get hired, amused her so much and so she continues with this perversion but this time, with her hands.
He orders Alessandro to take his cock out and jerk off; while she places her hands on his face and Alex masturbates, she continues to verbally mock him and urge him to masturbate until, Alex has a strong orgasm between her laughter and his humiliated moans.

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