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Trapped ( Only Smell Scene )
Added on: 06/11/2023 Models: Camelia, Daphne Length: 36 minutes Size: 1.34 GB Format: M4V

Main Category:     FOOT SMELLING

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Small summary of previous episodes.
Daphne and Camelia are engaged and IN THE FIRST EPISODE ( Wicked Lovers ( Full Version ) ) on the occasion of their anniversary, while playing with each other's feet ( smelling and licking them ) they imagine how nice it would be to humiliate and subdue Alessandro (Daphne's office boss ) to take revenge on him because he is in love with her and he always treats her badly in the office.
Thus, IN THE SECOND EPISODE ( In Love With You ( Full Version ) ) Daphne invites Alessandro to their home (Camellia and Daphne's) and deluding him that she will then fuck herself, she convinces him to apologize and humiliate himself to her with "peculiar" preliminaries; convincing him that this turns her on a lot, she gets her sweaty feet sniffed and licked, after the long day at the office, while Camelia enjoys the hidden scene behind the door.

Now, after having the satisfaction of humiliate her boss and turned him on well, Camelia enters the scene.
Alessandro, initially angry at this surprise, changes his attitude when Camelia rips off his shirt and gives him to understand that they will have a threesome.
The girls make him lie down on the sofa but...

Camelia gets behind Alex and while Daphne holds him still climbing up and walking on his chest, Camelia stamps her feet on his face, wearing her socks, just taken out of her sneakers.
Alessandro tries to rebel but Daphne keeps him firmly pressed and so, the poor fellow, is forced to breathe deeply the smell of Camelia's sweaty socks while Daphne tramples on him.

“It's time to take off my socks… don't you really want to smell my bare feet? Hahaha!” and so saying, Camelia takes off her sweaty socks and while Daphne holds Alex down with her strong legs, Camelia stamps her feet in his face to smell.
To make sure Alessandro gets a good smell of her girlfriend's feet, Daphne keeps her hands pressed to his mouth as she continues to hold him tightly between her legs.

IN THIS SCENE: Double Domination, FemDom, Socks Smelling, Trampling, Barefoot Smelling, Hand Over Mouth, Scissorhold, Deceived, Mockery, Lesbian Supremacy.

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