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Tormenting Ale ( Full Version )
Added on: 07/07/2021 Models: Lilian, Janelle, Arianna Length: 37 minutes Size: 2.2 GB Format: MP4

Main Category:     DOUBLE DOMINATION


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After the video Lilian's Revenge ( Full Version ) Lilian decides punishing her husband again, but making him a sadistic gift.
With the help of her maid Janelle and her bitch friend Arianna, Lilian bring his husband to orgasm, but always Coercing him to undergo humiliating practices.
"Did the maid excit you? Did you do the pig with her? Good... now enjoy my bitch who gives you a blowjob, but suffering!" ... so Lilian orders to Arianna to work between the legs of her husband while she and Janelle smother him with hands.
Ale moans for Arianna's mouth over his dick, but this make his breathing harder, because his wife and Janelle keep their hands tight.
Continuing to suffer the work of Arianna's mouth between the legs, wich obligates him to breathe deeply, Ale is coerced to keep the feet of his wife and Janelle (covered by nylon stockings) over his face. Their odour and the humiliation fuck his brain, increasing the bond that Lilian is imposing to him: "you must bond your pleasure to the humiliation".
The feet therapy continues and now it is time to "imprint" the odour of bare feet in the mind of her slave husband. Lilian take off their stockings and put the feet over Ale's face. Coerced by Arianna's blowjob, he breathes deeply their odour.
Lilian defies Ale to be better than Arianna to lick and suck, but obviously, it is only a way to mock her husband. Arianna starts giving a blowjob with even more passion, while Ale is coerced to lick feet of his wife and the maid.
... and finally, Lilian wants humiliating her husband making him cum in front of the maid and the bitch so, alternating autoeroticism and french kisses, blowjob and feet over face, Ale shamefully cums listening the laughters of three womens.

IN THIS VIDEO: Hand Over Mouth, Blow Jobs, Kissing, Stockings Smelling, Foot Smelling, Foot Worship, Handjobs, Coerced Ejaculation, Foot Domination FemDom.

Audio Italian

Film Script and Directed By Gabriel Galli