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To Save The Company ( Full Version )
Added on: 12/15/2022 Models: Serena.00 Length: 48 minutes Size: 1.8 GB Format: M4V

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As Serena had promised in the previous video, that same evening she goes at Ale's house.
Threatened to lose the 6 million order for his company, Ale let himself be humiliated by Serena that afternoon in her office and if that was the "aperitif"... what could happen now? 
Serena enters the house, takes a seat on the sofa and wastes no time; she takes off her jacket and reminds Ale that he must beg her if he wants her to save his ridiculous company.
It seems that Serena loves this game of power: having Alessandro as her succubus, seduced and humiliated, powerless to oppose her, inflates her ego and makes her feel superior and... she has very clear ideas on how the evening should go.

To begin with, Serena reiterates to Ale that he has to beg her and unfortunately Ale knows how she wants to be begged.
Serena has her shoes taken off and "asks" Ale to undo his pants. Ale's hope that Serena wants to switch to "normal things" is in vain; still closed in sweaty stockings from the day in the office, she slams her foot on his face ordering him to sniff while with the other she starts rubbing it hard between his legs.

Serena's plan is to make Alessandro her "doormat slave, whore of her feet" and she knows how men work: they are all controlled by cock!
Serena takes off her hold-ups, her bra from under her shirt and, showing her beautiful young breasts, she puts herself on top of Ale rubbing herself.
Obviously Ale gets excited but it's just a perverse game of derision... it's only for a moment; Serena moves away and goes back to slamming her bare feet on Alessandro's face. Continuing to torment his penis rubbing it hard with one foot, she orders him to sniff the other.

Excitement is the leverage with which Serena will win this game. From a long time she wants to see a powerful, mature, corporate owner reduced to his personal foot-licker who cums on command.
To increase Ale's excitement, Serena unties her shirt showing her breasts and says it's time for him to lick her feet.
Although reluctant, fearful of the working consequences that his refusal could have, Alessandro begins to lick Serena's feet.
Elated by her sensuality and the power it gives her, Serena commands Ale to start masturbating while licking her feet.
To seduce him and increase his excitement, Serena licks Ale's neck and whispers in his ear, urging him to masturbate.
The conclusion is inevitable: Alessandro cums on his shirt while Serena laughs at him, exalted by the power she has on this men.

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