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This Is The Cure ( Full Version )
Added on: 07/25/2021 Models: Pamela, Gaia Length: 22 minutes Size: 1.35 GB Format: M4V

Main Category:     FEMDOM


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Coronavirus or not, at the end of the shooting models go to Ale's bedroom, who stayed on the bed with a little fever.
Ale has a little difficulty breathing, he feels groggy and has a few lines of fever but can smile and talk with the girls who, encouraged by this, decide to heal him in their own way.
"You don't need medicines... we have a good remedy against the flu", so Gaia and Pamela lie him down and slap their feet over his face, mocking him and saying the smell of their feet will clear his respiratory tract.
Too weak to rebel, while Gaia and Pamela laugh him, Ale sniffs the feet of his beautiful models, although he doubts this is the best way to heal.
“If you still don't feel better, it's because the therapy isn't finished; it's time for oral medicine "; continuing to laugh him, Gaia and Pamela force their friend to lick their feet, telling him this is the cure and ... he must trust them.

IN THIS VIDEO: Foot Smelling, Foot Worship, FemDom, Barefoot, Female Supremacy, Foot Domination.