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The Young Manager ( Full Version )
Added on: 12/13/2022 Models: Serena.00 Length: 28 minutes Size: 1.05 GB Format: M4V

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Serena is the owner of a company, a potential customer of Ale's company.
Ale's company is in crisis and he and Serena are negotiating for a very big job that would allow Ale to save his company.
Serena is a beautiful woman, sensual but authoritarian and perverse and taking advantage of Ale's economic condition, she wants to have fun with him.

We're at Serena's desk and looking at the data on the computer, she begins to retract the previous offer.
Feeling his turnover reduced by 4 and a half million, Alessandro begins to sweat and beg Serena not to back down from the previous agreement.
Serena smiles sadistically and tells Ale that... he could beg her, to convince her.

Even if reluctantly, Ale gets on his knees but it's not enough for Serena; she asks him to kiss her shoes and then to smell her sweaty feet (still wrapped in thin stockings) after a whole day at the office.
Amused by Ale's condescension, Serena puts her foot between his legs and orders him to start rubbing himself like a bitch on heat while continuing to sniff her other foot.

Serena has a plan in mind ( to make Ale her personal human doormat) and this is just the beginning. Now, Alessandro must smell her bare foot. “I have to fuck your brain with my smell and you'veve to know how to recognize it as an beast”. Ale would like to rebel but knows that if he does, he'll lose his job and his company will go bankrupt. He starts sniffing Serena's foot as he continues to plead.
To mock him, Serena places one of her beautiful feet on Ale's cock; she knows well that a man with his brain in his underwear is much more malleable.

The day at the office is almost over and Serena wants a foot massage from her new slave (slave under blackmail but... still a slave). She tells Ale that it's time for him to lick her feet.
There's a limit to everything and Ale tries to rebel but confident and sensual, Serena reminds him that without her and the work she has to give him, his ridiculous company will have to close and so, pathetically moaning, Ale begins to lick the feet of the young and bitchy manager.
To be more comfortable tormenting his cock, Serena makes Ale lie down and while she wipes one foot on his tongue, with the other foot she massages his cock and mocking him... she tells him that this evening she will go to her house to finish "discuss” their little private deal.

IN THIS VIDEO: Blackmail, Femdom, Stockings Smelling, Barefoot Smelling, Foot Worship, Humiliation, Teen, Office Theme, Submission.

In Collaboration With Serena.00