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The Thief Is Lesbian
Added on: 07/02/2021 Models: Mali, Matilde Length: 20 minutes Size: 1.41 GB Format: MP4



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Matilde wakes up. She is weak and slowly gets up. When she is leaving the room, Mali appears behind her and puts a cloth over her mouth and nose. She struggles and makes muffled screams, before fainting again.

She wakes up for the second time on the couch and now she is naked. Mali comes back, takes off the black leather gloves and puts on a pair of white surgical gloves. She starts fondling Matilde's body, groping her breasts and fingering her pussy. Matilde understands the thief has no bad intentions, she is only a lesbian woman who want playing with her.

Mali puts a gloved hand over Matilde's mouth. Then she continues her lesbian game, groping her breasts and fingering her pussy, in a very sensual and dominant attitude. Matilde likes so much being handgagged tight by the young and lesbian thief, so Mali continues the game until the end.