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The Strangler Thief ( Only Foot Domination Scene )
Added on: 01/05/2022 Models: Eva Length: 29 minutes Size: 1.55 GB Format: M4V

Main Category:     FOOT DOMINATION


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She wants to find the gold he keeps at home and to do it she is willing to do anything, but she has strange methods of getting what she wants.
First , she squeezes his neck between her muscular but gorgeus legs. He writhes trying to free himself but she is too strong and he is too old, fat and tired.
IN THIS SCENE: failing to obtain the information she wants, continuing to block his hands and arms, she slams her feet in his face coercing him to smell the "scent” of her feet trying to persuade him.
Finally, unable to convince him, he begins to suffocate him by choking him with her feet, pressing them hard on his throat.

In This Scene: Coerced Foot Smelling, Foot Smother, FemDom, Misuse, Violence.

The Strangler Thief ( Full Version )