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The Slave Of Gaia And Giorgia (Full Version)
Added on: 05/25/2021 Models: Gaia, Giorgia, Matteo Length: 25 minutes Size: 1.78 GB Format: MP4

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Matteo, the Gaia's slave, arrives late for the appointment. Gaia reproaches him and decides to give him a severe punishment. She first orders him to undress completely and he obeys. Giorgia, the Gaia's friend, when she sees her small penis starts laughing at him. Meanwhile, Gaia shows him a pair of black women's underwear and tells him to put on it. She thinks it is the just size for him, because between his legs there is not a penis, but a pussy.

The real punishment begins. Matteo lies down on the bed, Gaia covers his mouth with her hands and Giorgia starts squeezing his nipples. The two women have a lot of fun torturing him in this way, causing him to feel pain and smothering him at the same time. The two women then swap positions, so Giorgia keeps him quiet and suffocates him and Gaia squeezes his nipples mercilessly, pulling them hard.

Gaia and Giorgia change the game. Giorgia keeps Matteo's face pushed to the bed, while Gaia starts spanking him hard. She continues in this way for some minutes, then Giorgia also starts spanking him. The two young "mistresses" then enjoy mocking and beating their poor and defenseless slave.

At the end he realizes he has deserved the lesson and with humble words he resumes talking with the two women.