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The Shooting, First Episode ( Fifth Scene )
Added on: 09/24/2020 Models: Valeria, Rose Length: 14 minutes Size: 554 MB Format: MP4

Main Category:     FOOT WORSHIP


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Rose and Valeria are doing a photographic shooting.
Rose is much higher than Valeria, and for this reason, dressing Valeria as a businessman and photographing her in a dominant pose with Rose, the photographer brings Rose into a subordinate role, thus highlighting the power of money and woman manager.
When the photographer, happy, stops everything, Rose gets up and says that will be the last time she's going to do the part of submissive for this "fucking midget.”
“You’re saying I’m a fucking midget?", Valeria responds and, said this, throws a punch in the stomach to Rose who stains on the ground.
“Now I’m gonna show you who is a fucking midget…"
IN THIS SCENE: perhaps, Rose understood who commanded and that she must submit so, Valeria, puts her feet on her face forcing her to lick them as a sign of submission.

IN THIS SCENE: Forced Foot Worship, FemDom, Lesbian Dominatio, Humiliation, Foot Slave Training, Submission Slave Training.