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The Rejected In Love ( Third Scene )
Added on: 03/22/2022 Models: Charlotte Length: 23 minutes Size: 764 MB Format: M4V



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Charlotte works in a company where Ale is the owner and she is in love with him, despite being rejected several times, also because Ale is married.
Charlotte is a insane person so, in order to convince Ale that she is the right woman for him, she caught, tied up and brought him to her house.
Now that Ale can't rebel, Charlotte has the time and opportunity she wanted to convince him that he and she are perfect for being together.
Unfortunately for Ale, Charlotte is crazy and what she plans to do isn't exactly normal.

IN THIS SCENE: Charlotte thinks she has understood why Ale is not convinced yet: "I am stupid: to understand how much you love me, you have to smell the scent of my bare feet!" She takes off her stockings and pushes her bare feet over Ale's face and while she does it, she continues playing with his cock. Ale doesn't want to breathe the smell of Charlotte's feet but he gasps for the excitement she gives to him by jerking him off so, while his cock starts dripping, he deeply breathes the smell of her feet.

In This Scene: Constraint, Coerced Handjob, Sweaty Feet, Coerced Foot Smelling, Femdom, Secretary, Crazy Girl.

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