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The Power Of The Sock ( Full Version )
Added on: 08/19/2022 Models: Maat, Lilli Length: 62 minutes Size: 2.78 GB Format: M4V



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As you recall from the “ Lilli VS Ale ( Full Version ) ” video, Lilli had enchanted one of her sweaty sock; by mixing the smell of her feet with the spell and foot fetish of her friend and producer Ale (Gabriel Galli) with her experiences as a Mistress, she had bewitched Ale to the point of fucking his mind and convincing him to give her the fruits of his labor.

Now, Lilli is at her friend Maat's house (emerging Mistress greedy for..."power") and, at the end of a session, they're relaxing on the sofa. Lilli tells Maat how she enchanted the sock, how Ale became her slave, explains how the spell works and shows her the sock. Lilli has always liked her friend and Maat knows it; even though they're friends, Maat can't miss the chance to cast the spell on Lilli and have her and the producer as his slaves; with the excuse of seeing the sock he takes it in her hands and swings it in front of Lilli's eyes who, although unwilling, smells it and... immediately, the spell is activated!

While Lilli is dazed by the spell and the smell of the sock, Maat takes off her boots and places her foot (veiled by black stockings) in front of Lilli's face, replacing it with the sock.
Due to the transitive property of the spell, the attraction and excitement that Lilli had for the sock, moves to Maat's foot.
Lilli begins to greedily sniff the foot of her friend who, even if she feels a bit bitchy, laughs with satisfaction.
Remembering a key part of the spell is that the subject needs to be excited, Maat kisses her friend and rubs herself on her, alternating foot domination with sensual "girl moments".
Kissing and rubbing with her friend, Maat is also excited and, even if partially, the spell also affects her who begins to smell Lilli's feet.

“Explain to me well how this spell works; after the subject has sniffed the foot in the stockings, what should be done?" Maat asks.
Lilli, excited and enchanted, reveals the second step: "after the subject has smelled the sock and has replaced the sock with the feet of the enchantress, also veiled by stockings, it's necessary to switch to the bare foot to bind the subject to the scent of the skin on the sole of the witch's foot so that the spell begins to take root in the subject's mind."
Smiling, Maat takes off her stockings and brings her bare foot close to Lilli's face who, excited and bewitched by the spell, cannot help but pounce on her friend's feet, sniffing greedily.
Remembering that the spell works if the subject is excited, Maat allows Lilli to touch herself between her legs while continuing to smell her bare feet and, to increase the effect, she too touches her, kisses her and rubs on her to increase the excitement.
At times, also excited and influenced by the spell, Maat sniffs Lilli's feet.

Lilli's mind is strong and despite the excitement, at times she tries to rebel against the spell but Maat is smart and as soon as she sees that the spell weakens, she hurries to put the magic sock under Lilli's nose.
Again and totally enchanted, Lilli explains the last step to seal the spell in the subject's mind: "to definitively bind the subject to the enchantress, she must have an orgasm while licking her feet and so, tying her pleasure to feet of the witch, he will be fucked up and a slave forever ”.
Maat laughs but moans for the excitement that her friend's tongue provokes and she too excited, kisses and rubs with Lilli.
To speed up the process and get to the conclusion of the spell, Maat touches Lilli between her legs and masturbates her. Excited by her friend's hands, Lilli licks Maat's feet with even more passion while Maat, excited and partially influenced by the spell, sometimes takes Lilli's foot and licks it.
Finally, excited by the friend, the spell and Maat's feet, Lilli has an orgasm and declares that she and the producer will work for her. "You're fucked and...you're mine!"

IN THIS VIDEO: Femdom, Only Girls, Lesbian Seduction, Stocking Smelling, French Kisses, Rubbing, Barefoot Smelling, Female Mastubation, Foot Worship, Female Orgasm, Mind Fucking.