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The Mistress Of The Dungeon ( Full Version )
Added on: 12/06/2021 Models: Sabrina Ice, Helena Grace Length: 55 minutes Size: 2.14 GB Format: M4V

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Gabriel and Sabrina have rented a dungeon; a room equipped with a lot of perverse sexual games. They are greeted by Helena, a young Mistress, owner of the structure.
While Helena shows them the room, Sabrina looks at her with much interest and she asks Gabriel if he would like Helena stay and play with them.
Gabriel accepts, they propose it to Helena and she accepts too but ... she tells them she is dominant and if the couple wants her to be part of the games, they will have to submit to her and be used as losers for her perversions. Sabrina and Gabriel, excited by this young Miss, accept intrigued.

First, Helena orders to Sabrina to turn her man on. Sabrina starts sucking off Gabriel under Helena's amused gaze.
Meanwhile, Helena puts on her big strap on and while Sabrina continues blowing her man, Helena fucks her from behind, laughing at how much sabrina is a bitch and enjoying her for the satisfaction of fucking a woman.

Satisfied that she has fucked Sabrina and made her enjoy, Helena orders to her bitch man to fuck her partner and while he does it, Helena sits down on the armchair and orders to Sabrina to smell her feet as a sign of submission.
The operation is not easy as, excited to see his submissive woman, Gabriel fucks her hard. Aroused by her partner's penis, Sabrina gasps and gasps and so, involuntarily, breathes deeply the odour of Helena's feet.
Putting himself in a missionary position, Gabriel continues fucking Sabrina and Helena manages to get both of her beautiful bare feet smelled.

"Now the tongue!" says Helena. As the losers continue fucking, they lick the feet of the beautiful mistress of the dungeon, who laughs at this situation; seeing two human beings mating while they lick her feet, amuses her a lot.

Now, Helena wants to see her bitch man cum; while Sabrina blows Gabriel showing her feet, Helena incites and spanks her and finally she shows the soles too, while the whore continues sucking until he cums in her mouth and she drinks the cum of her partner.

IN THIS VIDEO: Dominated Couple, Blowjob, Lesbian Strap on, Dildo Fuck, Female Multi Orgasm, Sweaty Feet, Barefoot Smelling, Double Foot Worship, Blojob Feet, Cum in Mouth.