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The Inheritance ( Second Scene )
Added on: 05/24/2022 Models: Lilli Bayle, Rea Length: 20 minutes Size: 749 MB Format: M4V

Main Category:     FOOT SMELLING


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After the video “ A Weird Mistress ”, Lilli confesses to Rea it was all organized by her loser husband Gabriel, in order to have the inheritance of his beautiful and young wife.
In the Rea / Gabriel couple, Rea is the one who has money and therefore offers Lilli to work for her; she offers her 20 thousand euros ( immediately ) plus a monthly salary if she will help her get revenge on her husband.
Revenge is simple; Lilli will have to help Rea to subdue her husband and when she is not there, Lilli will have to stay with him, controlling him, and always keeping him in a constant state of humiliation under her feet, educating him to be a "foot slave".

So, convinced that the hitwoman has done her job, Gabriel enters the room but is blocked by Lilli.
Rea tells Gabriel that from now on he will be their slave. Gabriel tries to rebel but while Rea threatens to kick him out of the house if he doesn't obey, Lilli pushes her feet over his face.
IN THIS SCENE: “You must understand you will no longer be my husband but a littledog and you will no longer fuck with me; from now on you will be educated with feet over your face and you will have to please yourself ”... the two girls take off their stockings, making Gabriel to sniff their bare feet while they continues to humiliate, threaten and mock him.

In This Scene: Double Domination, Punishment, Sweaty Feet, BareFoot Smelling, Mind Fucking, Sensual.

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