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The Hitwoman In Leather
Added on: 05/14/2021 Models: Alba, Eleonore Length: 23 minutes Size: 1.61 GB Format: MP4

Main Category:     HAND OVER MOUTH


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Eleonore has just arrived to home and reaches the bedroom, when Alba, a misterious hitwoman in leather outfit, grabs her from behind and puts a gloved hand over her mouth. Eleonore struggles and makes muffled screams, while Alba drags her and keeps her handgagged. After two minutes, Alba takes a cloth and puts it over Eleonore's face. She keeps it tight and waits until Eleonore faints.

Now Eleonore is on the bed, tied up and gagged with duct tape. Alba likes so much playing sadistic games with her victims before finishing them, so she continues handgagging and handsmothering her. She does it sitting over her chest too and pushing tight her both gloved hands over her mouth and nose. She continues this hand over mouth smother action for several minutes.

Finally, Alba takes a clear plastic bag and puts it over Eleonore's head. The she pulls it, to be sure she can't breathe. With a sensual and at the same time sadistic look, she has fun to see the poor Eleonore who gasps for air.