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The Bullied Friend ( Full Version )
Added on: 04/13/2021 Models: Martina Length: 34 minutes Size: 0.99 GB Format: MP4

Main Category:     COUPLE DOMINATION


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Marty and Steve are engaged and are guests at Ale's house.
Ale had proposed to Marty to have a "threesome" party with him and his boyfriend and while Steve goes to the bathroom, Marty tells to Ale Steve has accepted.
Convinced that he can have a good fuck with her friend and her boyfriend, Ale gets handcuffed by Marty but ... Steve comes back to the room with a camera, ready to film everything.
Marty tells Ale that her and Steve have seen those perverted foot-licking photos (and videos) Ale posts on the internet and since he likes girls feet so much, now she will have some fun with him while Steve films the actions, then show the video to their friends.
Marty takes off her boots and pushes her feet over Ale's face, forcing him to smell her sweaty nylon stockings.
Ale tries to rebel but Marty holds him tightly by the handcuffs and while the poor man smells the odour of Marty's sweat-soaked stockings, the engaged mock their loser friend.
Continuing to mock him and threaten him to show the video to her friends, Marty takes off her stockings and forces Ale to smell her bare feet and to increase the humiliation of their "friend", she unfastens Ale's pants and pulls his cock out. She starts masturbating him to show him that he ... likes sweaty feet.
To finish this perverse game, Marty forces Ale to lick her feet. Exhausted by the torture, Ale accepts, altough he continues complaining.
Unfortunately Marty wants to finish the game in the best way and tells Ale to jerk off and ... guess how it ends.

Written And Directed By Gabriel Galli

IN THIS VIDEO: Stocking Smelling, Sweaty Feet, Foot Smelling, Foot Worship, Forced Ejaculation, FemDom, Humiliation, Abuse.