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Sperm For Fans ( Full Version )
Added on: 03/27/2023 Models: Lola Length: 46 minutes Size: 1.73 GB Format: M4V

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From fans, Lola has received many requests to be able to interact with her; together with her boyfriend Roby GPA of her, sadist and bitch, instead of pleasing them she contacts Gabriel Galli. The aim is to make her fans drool with envy who will not only see (on her channels) her boyfriend fucking her until he cums but also the fetishists who will have to see how she enjoys while Gabriel sniffs and licks her feet, rewards him by sucking and jerking him off and then... collecting his sperm in a condom to give it to her fans, laughing of them.

After all have greeted the fans, laid out their plans and said their goodbyes, Roby picks up the camera and starts filming Lola and Gabriel.

Lola starts jerking off and blowing Gabriel to turn him on; it wasn't really necessary because Gabriel was impatient to be able to smell Lola's soft young feet.
What Gabriel didn't expect is that Lola seems very turned on by feeling Gabriel's warm breath under her feet and so, while Gabriel sniffs her feet through her fishnet stockings, she continues to jerk and suck him with more and more passion. .

It's time to "unwrap the gift" and continuing to mock the envious fans, while Roby continues to film, Gabriel takes off Lola's stockings.
As she expected, her feet are as soft and smooth as those of a girl her age.
Curious about how hard Gabriel's cock can feel when smelling her feet, Lola starts to touch him and jerk him off with them but... it's only for a moment because she wants to keep feeling the warm air of Gabriel's breath on the soles and so, again, she stamps her feet in his face to sniff, goading him with her mouth and hands on his cock.

"Now I want to hear your language" she says, and Gabriel was waiting for nothing else; with ardent passion she starts licking her young friend's feet and she... she pulls her head back and moans, surprised by how much this turns her on and enjoys her.
To incite her friend, at times, she jerks him off, blows him and sucks his balls, continuing to mock the fans who would like to be in Gabriel's place.

Finally, even the fans must be rewarded with the gift that, from the beginning, Lola had planned for them: while she shows the beautiful soles of her feet to Gabriel, she kisses, licks to excite him and masturbates until he cums in the condom collecting the gift that Lola had foreseen for the fans: her lover's sperm.

One last gift is missing for you: Roby's sperm but this... you will see it on Lola's channels.

IN THIS VIDEO: FemDom Teen, Seduction, Fishnet Stockings Smelling, Blowjob, Barefoot Smelling, Handjob, Female Moans, Foot Worship, French Kisses, Cum In Condom For Fans, Derision.