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Sometimes Happens ( Only Smother Scene )
Added on: 07/15/2022 Models: Misia Length: 29 minutes Size: 993 MB Format: M4V

Main Category:     SMOTHER


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Misia is Ale’s employer. She is a woman in career and success, while Ale is the usual loser employee without professionalism and desire to work and, moreover, at 40 years old he is like a little boy, watch porn videos on the internet ( especially those on feet ) and still lives with his mother.
Ale is contacted by Misia to go to work overtime at her house.
Convinced that he must do chores such as changing light bulbs, oiling doors or cutting the lawn, Ale shows up dressed for work but... Misia has other plans.
The scene begins with Misia opening the door to Ale and letting him into her house. The house is furnished in bdsm dungeon style and Ale is incredulous and amazed.
Misia makes him sit down while she sits on the sofa. She explains to Ale that the overtime she wants him to do is dedicated to her fun and her person. Ale tries to object but Misia, sarcastically, points out that she could fire him if he doesn't satisfy her and then... a poor man like him need the money so... it’s better to humor her.

IN THIS SCENE: Misia is a woman who gets bored easily and it’s time to change. The "footwork" ends and it’s time to express her sadism; she makes Ale sit and take him from behind, puts a hand on his mouth and begins to stifle him.
"But you’re crazy, Doctor!". Misia laughs but continues to hold Ale well with her hands while he awkwardly tries to rebel.

"There is only the last piece and then FOR TODAY I’m done with you" and so saying, Misia wraps her legs around Ale’s neck starting to tighten. "From today, everyone in the company will know what kind of loser you are and if you don't want to be fired, you will have to be good and keep me entertained". Ale tries to say something but Misia’s legs tighten him tightly, preventing him from speaking.

In This Scene: Humiliation, Nerd Boy, Employer Woman, Hand Over Mouth, Scissorhold, Smother, FemDom, Mockery.

In Collaboration With Misia The Witch

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