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Slimy Pigman ( Full Version )
Added on: 02/09/2022 Models: Selene Length: 42 minutes Size: 1.05 GB Format: M4V

Main Category:     TEEN


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Alessandro is a wealthy entrepreneur from northern Italy who is convinced he can get everything by paying.
He is comfortable in his living room managing his business using the phone and Selene (the daughter of cleaning lady) walks in and tells him her mother is almost finishing the work.
As a true pig convinced he can get everything with money, Alessandro proposes to Selene (obviously paying) that while her mother does the cleaning service ... she could do another type of "service".
Selene is indignant and, as a bitchy and intelligent girl that she is, she tells Alessandro he will have to humiliate himself by apologizing otherwise ... she will tell it to her mother and maybe to all Alessandro's clients and maybe ... to the police too.

Alessandro tries to mediate, but Selene starts calling his mother, so he throws himself under Selene's feet to smell her sweaty pink socks, while she laughs at him and insults him calling him "pig".
“… And don't tell me the feet don't excite you; feel how hard you are here” Selene says, fondling Alessandro's dick with her feet through his pants.

Continuing to make proposals, Ale claims he paid and accepted Selene's stupid game and now he would like to see something of her "naked". Selene laughs, takes off her socks and pleases Ale by showing him her "bare" foot. More than seeing, she makes him feel and smell, while continuing to tell him she will ruin him if she doesn't do what she says.

Ironically, Selene asks Ale if he likes this game. Ale is exhausted and he doesn't know what to say anymore; "Smelling feet" is not what he wanted. Selene agrees and says: “you are a loser or rather ... a pig, but you are also a loser and losers ... lick! You lick my foot".
Ale starts laughing but Selene mentions to call her mother so, desperate, Alessandro begins to greedily lick the feet of the girl, hoping to convince her not to say anything about what happened but ... will it really end up here?

IN THIS VIDEO: Femdom Teen, Blackmail, Sock Smelling, Sweaty Feet, Foot Smelling, Foot Worship, Older Man / Younger Woman, Humiliation.