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Slave For Love ( Full Version )
Added on: 06/21/2021 Models: Alma, Susanna Bella Length: 36 minutes Size: 1.45 GB Format: M4V

Main Category:     REVERSE CUCKOLD


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Susanna is lesbian and she has been courting Alma for months. By yielding to her courtship, Alma invites Susanna to her house but ... it is only a pretext to satisfy her perversion.
Alma is sadistic and wishes to have a slave in love with her. She wishes to see her suffer, seeing her with others too.
The two lovers enter the room but Gabriel is waiting for them on the couch; Alma tells Susanna to get down on her knees and if she wants to be her lover, she will have to worship her feet and suffer for her.
Alma begins kissing Gabriel passionately; she undoes his pants and starts masturbating him, letting Susanna to watch the scene and while the two sadistic lovers mock her for the pathetic condition, Alma orders Susanna to smell her feet to humble herself and show her how much she loves her.
To be able to be in the presence of the woman she loves, Susanna begins to smell Alma's bare feet.
The sadistic game is not over: Gabriel's cock is hard and Alma lubricates it with her saliva as she continues to jerk him. Alma continues to kiss Gabriel and the tongues of the two sadistic lovers intertwine with passion. Alma, increasingly sadistic, tells Susanna that if she is envious of the kisses she exchanges with Gabriel ... she can always kiss her feet.
So, while Alma makes Gabriel cum by jerking him with her hands and arousing him with her kisses, Susanna has to watch the scene, licking the feet of her bitchy mistress.

IN THIS VIDEO: Reverse Cuckold, Humiliation, Femdom, Foot Smelling, Foot Worship, Handjob, French Kiss, Slave Girl Humiliation.

Slave For Love ( First Scene )
Slave For Love ( Second Scene )