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Seduced To Be a Slave ( Only Smell Scene )
Added on: 08/13/2021 Models: Alma, Susanna Bella Length: 32 minutes Size: 1.46 GB Format: MP4



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After a nice dinner at the restaurant and a few more glasses of wine, Ale is invited to Alma's house.
They begin to kiss and she arouses him, touching him between his legs; passionate French kisses, her hand that continues touching him between his legs with increasing power, her tongue on his neck and kisses on his chest, make Ale think the evening will end very well for him but ... Alma has other plans.
IN THIS SCENE: after making him excited with her kisses and touching him between the legs, when Ale's penis is hard and he is now very excited, Susanna enters the scene.
The two friends had agreed and after Alma made Ale drink an extra glass of wine and previously made him excited, Ale's inhibitions are put to the test and even if he doesn't want to ... it ends up in theirs "net".
Alma's real purpose is making Ale her slave, her doormat, having fun with him and with her friend and roommate Susanna in the following way: while one pushes her feet over his face (still covered with sweaty stockings), the other one continues keeping him excited and condescending, touching him between his legs and licking his neck.
Changing their roles and excited to see a man at their feet, the two friends take off their stockings and pushes their bare feet over Ale's face to be smelled.
With their lips and tongues they continue to keep Ale excited and their hands jerk him off with more and more power; Ale's panties get wet with his arousal and even though he doesn't want to undergo this treatment, he's too excited to object.

In This Scene: French Kissing, Handjob, Seduction, Double Dominantion, Stockings Smelling, Double Handjob, Sweaty Stockings, Foot Smelling, Sweaty Feet, Derision, Coerced Ejaculation.

Seduced To Be a Slave ( Full Version )
Seduced To Be a Slave ( Only Barefoot Scene )