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Punished In The Loft ( Full Version )
Added on: 04/03/2021 Models: Lilian Length: 38 minutes Size: 1.39 GB Format: MP4

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After the video “ Lilian's Revenge ( Full Version ) ” where Lilian punished Janelle and Ale for flirting, Lilian confined Alessandro in the attic.
Two weeks have passed and Ale still rests alone in the attic, while Lilian goes out to having fun in the evening.
Returning from a night in the disco, instead of going to her beautiful bedroom, she goes to the loft where her husband rests.
She wakes him up, kissing him and touching him between his legs; she reminds him what he did with the waitress and asks if he has learnt the lesson. Alessandro confirms she is the mistress of the house, he must obey and she can do what she wants, when she wants and with whoever she wants and ... to be sure he has learnt his lesson, Lilian reminds it to him in her way.
Keeping her husband in a constant state of arousal, giving him a handjob through his panties and kissing him with the tongue, Lilian pushes her feet over his face. The nylon of the stockings is hot and sweaty after the night in the disco and Lilian wants that Ale deeply smell the odour.
Continuing to remind him that he is her doormat and cuckold husband, Lilian takes off her stockings and grabbing Ale's hair, she slams her feet over his face. The beautiful Lilian's skin of the foot is warm and scented by the leather ankle boots that have mixed the smell of leather with the smell of the skin of her foot. Ale would like to resist but the hand of his wife between his legs and her kisses, excite him and he can't say "no" to his perverse seductress.
Increasingly amused by the situation, Lilian once again wants confirmation of the power she has over her husband; kissing him and jerking him through his panties, she coerces him to lick her feet and get permission to fuck whoever she likes.

IN THIS VIDEO: Pantyhose Foot Smelling, Handjobs, French Kiss, Sweaty Feet, Barefoot Smelling, Foot Worship, Cuckolding, Husband Humiliation.