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Persuaded, Second Episode ( Second Scene )
Added on: 01/05/2023 Models: Debby Length: 24 minutes Size: 1.01 GB Format: M4V

Main Category:     FEMALE ORGASM


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<p>To Alessandro back a little common sense after the first episode Persuaded, First Episode ( Full Version ), in which Debby managed to make her employer cum: jerking off, kissing and dominating him with her feet, taking advantage of his perversions and convincing him to become her slave and get promoted herself to his personal assistant ( replacing Diana, Alessandro's present personal secretary ). After washing off the orgasm that she gave him, Alessandro goes back to the room and tells Debby that he can't do what he promised. Debby understands that she has to use stronger ways ( also to punish Alessandro for not wanting to keep his promise ) and subdue him even more.

Although Alessandro has regained control, he was still fascinated by the sensual and dominant act of his intern and so, when Debby tells him to lie down on the ground, he obeys.

Alessandro in lack of air is excited by Debby's hands and the pleasure he tries to be submissive and humiliated but she believes that now it is her turn to enjoy. Continuing to smother Alessandro with her ass, Debby begins to rub her pussy on Alessandro's face giving herself pleasure; she moans and continues to jerk him off, until she comes in his face screaming that, now that she has used her employer as a "cumshots box", in the company all will be her whores.

In This Scene: Face Sitting, Face Rubbing, Female Orgasm, Smother, BBW Mistress, Humiliation, Submissive.

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