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Persuaded, First Episode ( Full Version )
Added on: 05/18/2022 Models: Debby Length: 73 minutes Size: 3 GB Format: M4V

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Alessandro is the owner of the company where Debby works and where she is an underpaid and dissatisfied intern.
Secretly he's a female foot fetishist, his perversion is to become the slave of a woman but his wife didn't satisfy him. Because of this unsatisfactory sex life, they divorced.
Late Alessandro has started to see, paying for it, a woman who calls herself "The Goddess of the Feet"; Debby has read some conversations between them on Alessandro’s phone and understands how to get what she wants.

It’s Saturday afternoon and Debby, without warning, goes to Alessandro’s house to have a private interview with him. She says that Diana ( Ale’s personal secretary ) is a bitch, who treats her badly and that she doesn't want to promote her.
Alessandro is bothered for this privacy invasion and says he can’t promote the latest arrival. Debby says she knows Alessandro’s perversions and that if he gives her what she wants, she will give him what he desires so much.

Debby takes off her boots and starts showing her beautiful feet still veiled in nylon stockings and, while one foot touches Ale’s face, the other starts massaging him between legs.
The smell of Debby’s feet is strong and sensual ( through the nylon stockings ) and to excite him even more, she starts masturbating him with her hands.
Finally Ale surrenders and when she puts a foot on his face, he takes it in his hands and starts smelling greedily.

After the first treatment with her feet veiled in nylon stockings, Ale has his shirt and panties wet by excitement but still tries to resist; how will he justify that the latest arrival in the company will be promoted as her personal secretary?
Debby kisses him, licking his lips and neck and masturbates him with her hands while she taking off her nylon stockings. Debby says with her sensual voice while she continues to masturbate Ale : " if you give me what I want, you can stay under my feet for the rest of your life".
At the sight of her bare foot and excited by her tongue and by masturbation she is giving him, Ale gets on her knees and starts to smell her foot while rubs like a littledog on Debby’s leg She excited and satisfied, moans with pleasure.

Debby says, taking advantage of Alessandro’s state of excitement : "now, lick my feet".
Debby moans excited to see her employer licking her feet, so submissive and passionate. She feels grows for the sense of power, especially when Ale, emptied of all clarity, calls her "Mistress".
Laughing, she orders him to cum while licking her feet and victorious tells him that he will be hers for the rest of his life while he comes on himself ridiculously.

IN THIS SCENE: Seduction, Stockings Smelling, Handjob, Sweaty Feet, French Kisses, Barefoot Smelling, Foot Worship, Cum In Underwear, BBW Teen Mistress, Secretary.