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Men Are Toys ( Full Version )
Added on: 03/23/2023 Models: Serena.00 Length: 38 minutes Size: 1.34 GB Format: M4V

Main Category:     SMOTHER


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Very Simple: Serena and Alex are married but she is very bored by the sex she has with him but ... tonight everything change!
Serena is over her husband and rubs to excite him and when he, excited, asks her to move on to "other", she replies that tonight they will do as she says.

Serena lays Alex down and sensually wraps her legs around her neck. Alex is confused and doesn't know what his beautiful young wife is up to, until she begins to squeeze his neck choking him.
Alex's face turns red from lack of air but, fearing her wife's negative reaction, he lets her do it trying to resist.

Giving her husband false hope, Serena asks Alex if he likes her ass. Of course Alex says yes, hoping this perverted choking game will end. Unfortunately for him it was just Serena's way of being ironic. Deluding Alex that something else could be done, Serena sits on her husband's face, suffocating him.
Finding this kinky game exciting, Serena starts crawling on Alex's face searching and pleasuring herself until she cums on his face.

Quite satisfied with the good game played this evening, Serena decides to reward her husband with an orgasm but always remaining in the theme of the evening; as she urges him to masturbate, she places her hands on her face to smother him.
Frightened by the reaction that his wife could have if he didn't follow her orders, Alex does as he is told and masturbates while she, to excite him, licks and kisses her neck until ... inevitably, he cums in his pants.

IN THIS SCENE: Smother, Scissorhold, Face Sitting, Hand Over Mouth, Encouraged Masturbation, Encouraged Ejaculation, Cum In Pants, Humiliation, Femdom Teen Wife.