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Mary's First Time ( Full Version )
Added on: 03/05/2022 Models: Nadine, Mary Length: 53 minutes Size: 2.04 GB Format: M4V

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In the role of the director and screenwriter of Umiliazioni Italiane, Ale brings the new model to show her the new office together with Nadine.
Excited to learn how to use the camera, Nadine starts shooting; unfortunately for Ale, Nadine wants to practice as cameraman and prompts Mary to humiliate him with the excuse of watching the new model in action.
Ale tries to rebel but Mary is seriously intentioned on showing what she can do; grabbing Ale by the hair, Mary throws him down and put her feet in his face, coercing him to smell her sweaty socks.
In all this, Nadine shoot the scene helping Mary to bully poor Ale.

In the second scene, Mary takes off her socks and coerces Ale to sniff her bare, sweaty feet after a hot September day. Nadine continues to shoot the scene and sometimes strokes Ale between his legs with her feeet trying to keep him quite besides making him sniff her feet as well.

In the third scene, not happy enough with having Ale humiliated with the strong smell of their feet, Nadine suggests Mary to get her feet cleaned by Ale ... obviously, using his tongue.

In the fourth scene, tired of being bullied, Ale takes the camera away from Nadine and in an effort to take revenge he unleashes the "little blonde fury" against the new model. Nadine grabs Mary by the hair and coerces her to sniff her bare feet but ... although embarrased, Mary does not seem to dislike Nadine's feet and laughing at the whole situation she sniffs her feet while Ale shoot everything with the camera.

In the last scene, Nadine relaxes and get her feet worshipped by Mary in a sensual game between the two models while Ale, feeling bad for not having his revenge, continues to shoot.

IN THIS VIDEO: Coerced Sock Smelling, Coerced Foot Smelling, Coerced Foot Worship, Lesbian Foot Domination, FemDom Teen, Humiliation.

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