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Lover Uses Her Ass
Added on: 08/27/2021 Models: Jessy Jey, Lele Garbo Length: 14 minutes Size: 1.01 GB Format: MP4

Main Category:     FACESITTING


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Jessy, the Lele's lover, continues playing with him, because he has to prove he really loves her.

She takes off her underpants and sits over his face, putting her pussy over his mouth and nose. He has to lick it to make her enjoy, so he does it and Jessy moans loudly. They continues this game for some minutes and Jessy sometimes pushes her pussy tight over his mouth and nose, smothering him.

Jessy changes her position and pushes her ass over Lele's face, sitting over him with her full weight. The game becomes a hard facesitting domination. She keeps her ass over his mouth and nose for long time, letting him breathe only for some seconds between each smothering.

After this last demonstration, Jessy decides to get dressed and goes out, leaving Lele alone in the bedroom.