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Look At Us, Cuckold Feetlicker ( Only With Kiss Scene )
Added on: 06/08/2021 Models: Sabrina Ice, Janelle Length: 30 minutes Size: 972 MB Format: M4V

Main Category:     FRENCH KISSING


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Sabrina wants to take revenge on her boyfriend who doesn't give her the attention she deserves and who doesn't respect her.
Sabrina is very beautiful and sensual and she knows she can have all men she wants; using Gabriel as a partner and sex toy, she makes this video for her boyfriend, mocking him and showing him what happens if she decides to prove what she can do.
Knowing that her boyfriend will watch the video, she starts talking to the camera telling him he is a cuckold and starts kissing Gabriel passionately while, with her hands, she plays with his cock.
French kisses, a lot of tongue and biting words to mock the cuckold who watches "his" woman giving a handjob to another man and kissing him with the passion of a real slut.
The video should be finished but ... there was an offstage.
Before Gabriel can cum, Janelle enters inthe room asking if the shooting is going well. Gabriel says he is happy of how the new model (Sabrina) knows how to give handjobs and blowjobs but he is not very satisfied of how the mistress does her work and he didn't take delight yet; Janelle knows what Gabriel needs to make a great cumshot, so the roles are reversed: Gabriel gets comfortable and uses Sabrina like a real cock sucking slut while Janelle uses her wonderful tongue to kiss him.
Sadly, Janelle really enjoys seeing Sabrina who plays the role of the whore and pushes her face on Gabriel's cock in a deeptroath; also, while kissing Gabriel, Janelle uses Sabrina as a foot rest as if she and Gabriel were the masters and Sabrina their little bitch, their toy to have fun.
Finally, while Janelle licks Gabriel's neck and Sabrina licks his balls, he jerks off exploding into a powerful orgasm and Sabrina... throws herself into drinking and licking all the cum.
An unexpected and pleasant final.

In This Scene: Cuckolding, French Kissing, Handjobs, Blow Jobs, FemDom Sex, Slave Girl Humiliation, Cumshot, Interracial.

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