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Lilli VS Ale ( Second Scene )
Added on: 07/12/2022 Models: Lilli Bayle Length: 28 minutes Size: 972 MB Format: M4V

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Lilli ( famous model, mistress and BdSm and Foot Fetish video performer ) is a business woman. She knows that her friend Ale's video production is growing, so she wants it to be hers.
Through years of experience with slaves and fetishists, Lilli has learned how to ensnare them and has recently learned the magical arts.
To convince Ale to give him his production, adding the magical arts to the foot fetish, she enchanted one of his sweaty sock.
Using the sock to bewitch Ale, Lilli wants him to fall in love with her first and then become her foot slave, declaring his love and submission to her, sign a contract to give her ownership of his production.
Ale enters Lilli's house convinced that he has been invited to have a coffee but she makes him sit on the bed. She compliments him on his work and starts swinging the enchanted sock in front of his face.

Ale follows the sock with his eyes and begins to breathe its smell. Laughing, Lilli, puts the sock on his face and says: "from now on, you are mine ... your business is mine and you will be my feet slave”.
In the meantime she takes off his boots and replaces the sock with her foot.

IN THIS SCENE: the spell has not yet conquered Ale's mind and so he tries to rebel.
To give the spell more strength, Lilli takes off her stockings and imposes her bare foot on Ale's face, continuing to excite him between her legs.
"I will make you orgasm while you smell my feet and then, you will be completely mine!" Lilli says, mocking Ale for the obvious excitement that the smell of her feet causes.

In This Scene: Mind Fucking, Charmed, Barefoot Smelling, Fucked, Seduced, Sensual Femdom.

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