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Lessons of Mistress Matilde ( Full Version )
Added on: 06/03/2021 Models: Mali Ubon, Matilde Torres Length: 51 minutes Size: 1.89 GB Format: MP4

Main Category:     DOUBLE DOMINATION


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Mali is a sensual and very young Mistress. Deluding Gabriel that they would have a passionate night, she convinced him to go to her house, but she has other plans.
After binding Gabriel, Matilda arrives and she wants to see if Mali has learned how to treat men.
Matilde is the expert Mistress who is teaching Mali into Femdom and also sexually, she is teaching Mali that men are doormats to put under the feet.
First of all, pulling on the leash, Mali pushes her bare foot over Gabriel's face making him to smell.
To keep Gabriel subjugated, Matilde starts jerking him off, spitting on his cock and he, taken by her pleasure, smells the feet of the very young Mistress more vigorously.
Enjoying this game, the two Mistresses swap roles and while Matilde pushes her feet, veiled in stockings, making Gabriel to smell them, Mali takes care of the cock of the loser, spitting on it to lubricate it, as she saw the teacher did before her.
Now that Mali has learnt to fuck the slave with the odour of her feet, it is time for the "man bitch" to lick good.
Gabriel is so excited by the hands of the two women on his penis that he complies with the request of the two Mistresses and while one continues to jerk him off lubricating his cock with saliva, the other one gets his feet licked until the pathetic man ejaculates.

A Psychopathic FemDom video, but with a hint of sympathy wich is typical of Umiliazioni Italiane direction.

IN THIS VIDEO: Barefoot Smelling, Stockings Smelling, Handjob, Double Domination, Teen Mistress, Milf Mistress, Foot Worship, Ejaculation, Slave Training.

Lessons of Mistress Matilde ( First Scene )
Lessons of Mistress Matilde ( Second Scene )