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In Love With You ( Third Scene )
Added on: 05/18/2023 Models: Daphne Length: 24 minutes Size: 825 MB Format: M4V

Main Category:     FOOT WORSHIP


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After having plotted with her girlfriend Camelia ( Wicked Lovers ( Full Version ) ) and having decided to take revenge and subjugate her boss Alessandro, Daphne invites him to her house.
Alessandro is in love with Daphne and believes that the invitation to her house will finally lead him to have sex with her beautiful colleague.
Obviously Daphne just wants revenge for how Alex behaves with her in the office and deceiving him with her sensuality, step by step, will fuck his brain.
Alex arrives at Daphne's house and she makes him sit down on the sofa. After a few pleasantries Alessandro approaches Daphne trying to kiss her but she blocks him saying that "the gift must be discarded", before being able to enjoy her and so she invites him to take off her shoes.

IN THIS SCENE: Alex longs to be able to kiss Daphne and also to feel her lips on him; mischievous, Daphne tells him that he's right about it but that before he does it, he should show her how he would like her to use her lips so ... "Blow my big toe", she replies sensually.
Although tired of these strange games, excited by what could happen next, Alex begins to suck Daphne's big toe and encouraged by her, who deceives him that "something else" will soon happen, he begins to lick her feet passionately while Camelia continues wickedly watching and laughing from behind the door.
In This Scene: FemDom, Foot Worship, Deceive, Delude Oneself, Sensual Femdom, Trapped, Mocked.

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