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In Love In The Office
Added on: 06/01/2023 Models: Serena.00 Length: 17 minutes Size: 509 MB Format: M4V

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Serena and Alessandro are colleagues. Alex is in love with her but he never had the courage to tell her or even ask her out.
Finally, today, Alex decides that the time has come to come out about her and goes to Serena's office inviting her out
She remains very detached and after a thousand proposals from Alex she finds just as many excuses to refuse her invitation (aperitifs with friends, walking the dog, household chores, etc...) until, desperate, Alex gets on his knees and begs her : "I confess that I'm in love with you and that I would do everything to have an opportunity".
Despite the declaration of love, Serena remains cold (albeit sadistically amused) and tells him that ... if he really wants to be useful and have a chance to go out with her, he could be her footrest.
While Alex is om all fours to act as a footrest, she continues to make proposals and possible days to meet but she continues to invent excuses to refuse.

Intrigued by Alex's insistence, Serena tells him she might have a chance if she…he massages her feet. Although embarrassed by being in the office and by the possibility of someone entering, Alessandro begins to massage Serena's feet while she gives him instructions on how best to do it.

Serena begins to get excited by this strange situation and by the way Alex is willing to humiliate himself to go out with her. A bit perverted, she tells him that she wants to try one thing (given Alex's high availability) and tells him that she… she would like to try… “suck my toe; I want to try this experience and understand what it feels like”
Alex is amazed but in order to go out with her, he starts sucking her toes.

Unfortunately for him, while she is tending to her colleague's feet, someone enters the office surprising them and as Alex bows his head in embarrassment, Serena laughs.

IN THIS VIDEO: Embarrassment, Beg, Supllicate, Footrest, Foot Massage, Suck Toes, Younger Woman, Humiliation, Best Feet, Office Theme.