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I Wish it Was Me ( First Scene )
Added on: 03/10/2022 Models: Scarlet, Lele Garbo Length: 21 minutes Size: 852 MB Format: M4V

Main Category:     FOOT SMELLING


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At the end of filming for "Psychopathic Femdom" there was no time to shoot something for "Umiliazioni Italiane" and Scarlet, a real sensual bitch, decides to torment Gabriel a little by showing him what he couldn't have.

So, using Lele who is already on stage, Scarlet puts her beautiful bare feet (which are sweaty after 3 hours of filming for “Psychopathic Femdom”) on the face of the actor.
Consumed by envy, Gabriel shoots the whole scene, cursing Scarlet for how "bad" she is in showing him what he can't have, while she taunts him.

A funny off-stage video that closes the shooting of the first film-style video we shot for “Psychopathic Femdom”.

IN THIS SCENE: Foot Smelling, Derision, Mockery, Seductive Bitch, Sensual FemDom.

I Wish it Was Me ( Full Version )

Before This Video: Terrifying Condition