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I Want More Money ( Full Version )
Added on: 08/13/2022 Models: Fattolandia Length: 56 minutes Size: 2.1 GB Format: M4V

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Irene is Alessandro’s maid. She is not satisfied with how much she earns and after he refused a salary increase, she bought a sexy maid’s dress and decided to seduce her employer to get more money.
Irene is cleaning Ale’s room and he enters the room; seeing her at work she asks if he should leave but she tells him to stay.
Ale sits on the bed and notices Irene’s little dress and starts looking at her ass.
She notices and approaches him.

Starting to kiss him, she asks him if he has reflected on the increase but he replies that it is not a good time for money and, moreover, that he is married and these "things" can not be done. Irene increases her seduction and, undoing Alessandro’s pants, starts masturbating him through his briefs while continuing to kiss him with lots of tongue.
Alessandro, excited, says that... in fact, if Irene puts it on this plan, you can also think of giving her an increase.

"So... will you give me 500 euros a month?" asks Irene with sensual tone but Alexander says that they are too many and so, Irene decides to switch to the strong ways; she takes off her boots and imposes his feet ( veiled by hold-ups ) on Ale’s face.
Alessandro would like to rebel but she continues to excite him by masturbating and kissing him and also... threatens to tell his wife, if he will not do as she says.

Ale proposes to give her 100 euros increase per month but to Irene is not enough; she takes off her stockings and coerces Alessandro to smell her bare feet mixing her feet with kisses and caresses, punishment and seduction.
Ale tries to resist but... is too excited and so he offers her 200 euros increase but still, to Irene is not enough.

Alessandro is at the limit of endurance; after 30 minutes that Irene masturbates and kisses him, despite the humiliation of having been coerced to smell her feet, he craves to have an orgasm.
"Do you want to cum? ... If you want, I’ll make you cum but you will give me 500 euros more per month... but I’ll make you cum only if, in the meantime, you lick my feet"; the desire to have an orgasm is strong and even groaning from the humiliation, Ale begins to lick her feet while Irene continues to masturbate him.

Licking Irene’s feet, unfortunately, Ale can not come and so, in order to get the raise she wants, Irene takes Ale’s dick in her hands and starts to jerk him off while kissing him to increase her excitement.
In doing so, Ale has a pathetic orgasm and Irene mocks him for his lack of manhood in not being able to make a splash like a real man.

IN THIS VIDEO: French Kisses, Hand Job, Stockings Smelling, Barefoot Smelling, Foot Worship, Handjob With Patetic Cumshot, Femdom, Humiliation, Seduction.