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I Wanna Be The Mistress ( Only Foot Domination Scene )
Added on: 12/09/2021 Models: Gemma Bones Length: 37 minutes Size: 1.43 GB Format: M4V

Main Category:     FOOT DOMINATION


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Gabriel is on the bed playing with the smartphone while He's waiting for His girlfriend to go to sleep.
Gemma (Gabriel's girlfriend) walks into the bedroom saying she has a little surprise: She is dressed very sexy, leather boots, sheer black stockings and Her body is wrapped in a leather straps corset for a very sexy look. She look aggressive and BDSM style.

IN THIS SCENE: now Gabriel is horny and has a strong desire to reach an orgasm, so Gemma can proceed with Her plan: First, Gabriel, will have to smell her feet through her sweaty stockings.
Gabriel desire more have sex with Her but Gemma put Her feet on His face for sniff, She continues to masturbate and blow Him. Do to the excitement for girlfriend's hands job and blow job, Gabriel agrees breating deeply the "smell of feet" while Gemma begins to became more like a Mistress than a normal girlfriend.
"Good boy! ... you are really acting like a littledog!" Gabriel is too excited to be able to rebel, so Gemma takes off Her stockings and puts Her bare soles on Gabriel's face.
Obviously Gabriel is amazed by this second step but Gemma's hands moves sensual and continue touching her boyfriend's cock.
In heaven top, Gabriel can't resist and sniff all the smell of His girlfriend's sweaty bare feet and soles while She continues to jerk Him.
"Love, please: make me cum!" Gabriel can't edge anymore and would to squirt. Gemma smiles and tells Him that if He wants to cum, He have to do it while licking Her feet. Too horny to be able to say "no", Gabriel starts licking Gemma's feet as She keeps her promise and continues to blow and jerk off His boyfriend.
On Gabriel's edge She is satisfied by Her boyfriend's compliance, so makes Gabriel comfortable to enjoy the cumshot in a top squirt.
Don't forget She is THE Mistress, from today while She blows and pleasure him, He will always have to smell her stockings.
After few minutes Gabriel's cock can't hold up no more edges, He is total horny and out of self control, in a little time Gabriel squirt while His girlfriend laughs at Him.

In This Scene: Stockings Smelling, Blowjob, Seduction, Foot Smelling Handjob, Sweaty Feet, Barefoot, Foot Worship, Cumshot.

I Wanna Be The Mistress ( Full Version )