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I'll Become Your Mistress Second Episode ( Third Scene )
Added on: 03/07/2023 Models: Adele Length: 20 minutes Size: 773 MB Format: M4V

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Three days have passed since that evening and, naively, Alex thinks that his wife's perverse games were an isolated case in an evening of "madness". Unfortunately for him, this isn't the case.
Adele has taken a liking to it and doesn't want to stop. Even today, when her husband returns from work, she lets herself be found on the sofa; seductive and sensual, she's dressed only in black stockings and with a lace t-shirt that reveals her beautiful breasts.
Fearful and mindful of the other night, Alex wishes to be reassured by his wife that he doesn't wish to repeat the sadistic games he had previously played.
Smiling softly, Adele plays down; she starts kissing her husband and rubbing on him like a "normal good wife" but... it's just an appearance.

IN THIS SCENE: “You admit you're so horny you want to cum… you want it, right? You can do it but ONLY while you lick my feet! This will be the only way I'll allow you to have an orgasm" and so saying, again Adele puts her feet in the face of her husband who, now very excited, cannot resist.
Alex passionately licks his wife's feet as she insults him and laughs with satisfaction at the power she has gained. She urges him to masturbate while he licks her feet and in the end, now excited and totally screwed by Adele's sensuality, Alex cums copiously in his underwear; "You're the whore of my feet... from today and forever!"

In This Scene: French Kisses, Foot Worship, Seduction, Mistress Wife, Mind Fucking, Handjob, Encouraged Ejaculation, Cum In Pants.

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