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I'll Become Your Mistress, Second Episode ( Only Smell Scene )
Added on: 11/04/2022 Models: Adele Length: 45 minutes Size: 1.89 GB Format: M4V

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Three days have passed since that evening and, naively, Ale thinks that his wife's perverse games were an isolated case in an evening of "madness". Unfortunately for him, this isn't the case.
Adele has taken a liking to it and doesn't want to stop. Even today, when her husband returns from work, she lets herself be found on the sofa; seductive and sensual, she's dressed only in black stockings and with a lace t-shirt that reveals her beautiful breasts.
Fearful and mindful of the other night, Ale wishes to be reassured by his wife that he doesn't wish to repeat the sadistic games he had previously played.
Smiling softly, Adele plays down; she starts kissing her husband and rubbing on him like a "normal good wife" but... it's just an appearance.

Adele starts rubbing her foot between Ale's legs and immediately his penis gets hard. “This will be better but remember that you're my slave and... the slaves smell. Smell!...sniff or I'll leave you ... "
Excited and fearful of being left by his young and beautiful wife, Ale starts sniffing Adele's feet through her hot, sweaty hold-ups from the hot late July day.
Even this game, although more sensual and less cruel than that of the other night, pleases Adele who excitedly starts moaning while her husband anuses her feet.
Rubbing on him and moaning, Adele realizes that her husband is so excited that he's getting wet; so excited that his sperm have passed his boxers and stained his pants. Feeling strong from this evident proof of her husband's arousal, Adele returns to slam her feet in his face urging him to sniff and declares that, from now on, it'll always be like this between them and that he'll no longer be able to fuck her.

Despite being very excited by his wife's sensuality, Ale's absolutely not in agreement that she's going to fuck others but every time he tries to object, she starts to excite him with kisses and rubs.
To increase the dose of submission and continue the "therapy", she takes off her stockings and imposes her bare foot on her husband's face.
The warm and sweaty skin of the foot, "perfumed", isn't what Ale would like but Adele relieves on his arousal and continues to massage his cock still closed in the boxers but visibly excited.
Rubbing, french kisses and sensuality are the weapons that Adele uses to coerce her husband to smell her bare feet and... unfortunately for Ale, it works!

IN THIS SCENE: French Kisses, Sweaty Stockings, Stockings Smelling, Sweaty Barefoot, Barefoot Smelling, Seduction, Mistress Wife, Mind Fucking, Handjob.

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I'll Become Your Mistress, Second Episode ( Only Barefoot Scene )

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