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I'll Become Your Mistress First Episode ( Second Scene )
Added on: 05/07/2023 Models: Adele Length: 34 minutes Size: 1.4 GB Format: M4V

Main Category:     SCISSORHOLD


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Ale comes home from work and finds his wife in a bathrobe on the sofa. Tired from the day, he sits down and his wife starts rubbing on him to turn him on.

IN THIS SCENE: Ale believes that when he comes home from work, his wife will give him that pathetic orgasm he's used to at the end of the day with a little handjob or shy fuck, before she starts cooking but... that's not how it will end.
Adele is tired and bored from that monotonous sex life and, after some internet research, she decided to take control of the situation and change.
At this point he's very excited, Ale is persuaded to lie down on the ground but instead of having sex on the floor as he thinks, Adele tightens her legs around his neck, suffocating him.
Amused by this new game, she laughs and continues to jerk off her husband to keep him excited and condescending and also because it excites her to see him in pain but excited to the point of not putting up any real resistance. This makes her feel powerful.

In This Scene: Sensual Domination, FemDom Handjob, Scissorhold+Handjob, Humiliation, Femdom, Smother.

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